The FLATER Bride  is a Special discovered technic to neutrolise the acces fat in the back and front part from your wedding Dress. 

When you sew the FLATER Bride in the lining from the back part from your wedding Dress and you close the wedding Dress then the springs will be push against the back and makes because of the soft springs space for the acces fat to flush in the space and you have a flat back and front side.

Because of the Technik from the FLATER Bride: 

- you have everytime a flat back and front side (even when you sit or Dance or move your arms  you dont have acces fat) 

- you dont realise that you have the FLATER Bride sewed in your wedding dress

- ist so soft and light 

- very comfortable

you can choose 4 sizes  M / L / XL / XXL it depents how much acces fat you have

- easy to use 

- you can wash it  

The FLATER Bride in combination with FLATER Bodycorsette


When you wear the FLATER Bride in combination with FLATER Bodycorsette then you have : 

- the back part + the front part+ and your waist perfect in shape 

- a flat belly (even when you sit or move) 

- a flat back  (even when you sit and move) 

- over your breast is in shape (even when you sit and move)

-you have a thiner waist 

- your shape from waist to breast and from waist to hips are very fluid and sexy 

- because of the patentet FLATER technic is very comfortable to wear 




Take the FLATER Bodycorsette on your Body, and with tide the back  you will make your waist thiner. 



Platzieren Sie die FOUNDATION 

mit Bodycorsette Bride 

-an den Klett in dem Futter von dem Bodycorsette Bride 

ohne Bodycorsette Bride

- an dem Futter von dem Brautkleid 2cm unter der Kante und ca 5cm von der Seiten naht Richtung Reißverschluss von dem Brautkleid

put the foundation on the wedding Dress 

with FLATER Bodycorsette Bride 

- on the lining from the FLATER Bodycorsette Bride 

without FLATER Bodycorsette Bride 

- part from the lining from the qwedding Dress 2cm under the end and 5cm to the sides . 




put the FLATER Bride on the foundation 

1 *FLATER  Bride = Size S = until  1cm acces fat

2* FLATER Bride = Size M  = until  2,5 cm acces fat

3 * FLATER Bride = Size L = until 4 cm acces fat

4 *FLATER Bride = Size XL= until 6cm acces fat 



close the back from your wedding Dress . Now the soft FLATER Bride push against your back and makes space for your acces fat to flush in this space. 



Now the acces fat is in the space between the lining from your wedding Dress and your back. 

The backside and the front side is flat. 



Because of the patentet FLATER Bride technic the springs moves in the same way like your Body the fat is everytime inside the Dress and you have everytime even when you Dance, sit or jump a flat shape.